Friday, June 15, 2012

Kris Going to China!

Rev. King has been invited to join a missions team who will target the Tibetan people in Gansu Province in China.  The team is comprised of seasoned missionaries who will train church leaders and distribute Tibetan bibles (only $5 each) amongst this people group who have few, if any, Christians. There is less than 2% Christians in Gansu Province with many different people groups represented.  There are two Tibetan groups who have NO KNOWN Christians and only a handful of believers in the other two Tibetan groups!  We will share the gospel with them and give them a bible in their OWN language!!  The trip is on August 6th for 12 days.  For the trip AND bibles, Kris will need $4870.  That is a lot of money but it will be well worth it because through the workshops and bibles we will provide, many, many people who have NEVER heard the gospel will hear the good news for the first time!!  If you want to help with the expenses of this trip, please send your tax deductible gift to KKI, 313 6th Street, Alamogordo, NM 88310 and designate it for "China". Support and be blessed!!

New Night Shelter!!

Praise the Lord!!  We have a night shelter now where homeless men can sleep.  Two men who had been living in the desert are now running it!  The night manager is Pete who is a Viet Nam veteran and gourmet chef!!  He cooks meals when the day shelter is closed on weekends and holidays so now we serve meals EVERYDAY even on holidays!!!  Daniel is the maintenance manager and takes care of all the cleaning, maintenance and landscaping.  Gary still runs the day shelter, cooking meals, etc. Monday through Friday.  We have shower and laundry facilities available as well as a clothes closet . . . all free to the neediest folks in our area.  We thank God for all of you who help us!! We get no government support (don't want it) so we trust God to provide ALL our needs through wonderful people like YOU!! Call us if you want to volunteer, provide a meal, donate food or make a tax deductible monetary donation. 575-437-7880