Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Returned from a very successful ministry to China.   We did a great deal of traveling while there and everywhere we went, we saw throngs of people.  It was very crowded everywhere.  One church we went to had 1500 members.  The church was small with several rooms which had closed circuit TV in each.  They had to have several services every Sunday and still others could not get in.  The Christian brothers and sisters were SO loving!  I have traveled to many nations and everywhere I go, I meet new brothers and sisters in Christ.  We REALLY are one BIG family.  Even at the "ends of the earth", true Christians are the same-very loving!  The Bible says that we will be known by our love, and that is SO true!  True Christianity is the cure for all the hatred in the world today!!  That is why I am committed to taking the Gospel to every person on planet earth!  On the last day, we went to the Great Wall of China.  I climbed to the very top of one section.  It was very steep with narrow steps.  What a struggle that was for this senior citizen!  It was very hot out, too. As I reached the top, what joy I had as I read a sign in English carved on the wall:  "JESUS Reigns"!!  Hallelujah!!